My Favorite Best Wine Bars in Granada

Wine bars are a very old tradition in Granada and you can find plenty of them all around town, especially on the old centre.

Spanish wines are quite famous all around the world, and the wines in Granada are quite good amongst them.

La Ermita


One of my favorite wine bars is called La Ermita and you can find it just next to the Cathedral, in a beautiful square called La Romanilla, famous for its Man with Donkey Statue.

It is my favorite spot to enjoy a good glass of wine with an original free tapa. I highly recommend trying a nice wine from Granada, called Calvente which I enjoyed on this bar. It is a good wine and it is not so expensive as others more famous.

granada-bars-la-ermita-inside-view The bar is very modern and the tapas are very interesting, a mix between modern and traditional.

I recommend evening as the best time to be there, but you have to be patient as you might have to wait a bit in order to get a spot, especially at weekends, when there are lots of people trying to have a drink inside.

During Summer they have a nice terrace outside, so it is easier to get a table.


If you want to have dinner, there is a dinning room where you can get a table. You can choose to have some tapas, or you can ask for a bottle of wine and some portions. The Spanish ham (Jamon) is exquisite, as well as the cheese selection.

I really enjoyed this bar while I've been to Granada and I usually go there as much as I can whilst I'm there.

El Ajo Blanco

Another favorite nice wine bar is situated in the traditional quarter of Realejo, and it is called El Ajo Blanco, which means "The White Garlic".


It is a small bar, but it has a great selection of wines. It has a great atmosphere, as it is very cozy and normally known to local people.

The owner works there and that makes it more authentic, and the treat is quite personal, especially if you become a regular.

Between the bars in Granada, El Ajo Blanco is famous for its great red wines and its "embutidos" (cold meats, including Spanish ham, Spanish chorizo, cheese and sausage).

So, if you want a cold dinner with a great bottle of wine, El Ajo Blanco is a 'must" in your list during your vacation in Granada.

"Bodega Mas Que Vinos"


This wine bar is relatively new in Granada, but it is highly frequented for the wine lovers. They keep the bottles at constant temperature according with their characteristics and you can be sure that your glass will be in perfect condition at all time.

You can taste from a normal table wine up to a high quality grand reserve.

The wine is also accompanied by a tapa of Spanish ham which in my opinion is the best combination for a red wine.

Drinks are slightly more expensive than other bars, but for the quality offered I still think it is cheap.

The service is very professional and prompt, even when the bar is at full capacity.
granada-bars-mas-que-vinos-wine-bar This bar is situated in a very small and narrow street, off Zacatin street, close to the Cathedral and Bibrrambla square, but you can ask any local and he will tell you how to get there.

I enjoyed a great Rioja there, but their wine list is truly impressive.

I forgot to mention that the name of this bar means "The More Than Wines Bar", which is quite funny when you enter and find all the bar full of bottles.

There are many wine bars in Granada which deserve mentioning and I will update this page as soon as I try more.

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